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First of all, sorry for the small photograph, but it was sent to me by a chick that I know that uses a sex dating website to cheat on her husband and wishes to keep her idientity hidden. That sex personals site would be Get Laid Tonight, well thats what everyone is calling it. It’s real name would be Amateur Match. I have tested it like four months ago and wrote a review about it. That however was four months ago, so I decided to use my free lifetime pass and log in again and check that they have been keeping up their standards and I’m very glad to say that they have. It’s a dating service thats been around for 16 years, it was the first to show up on the web and is the only one that has lasted this long.

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You can check it out and all it’s sister websites, that have also have been tested and work out over at oe of my latest sex dating posts, that would be on a blog called MeetCheaters.com, that happens to be the latest blog that I’m posting on and putting a lot of effort into it, updating it all the time with useful information for them that want leads to real and quality sex dating services.

So, if you have the chance and the time to check out the cheating wives category on my other blog, you’ll actually get a good idea on how things work when you sign up to a sex dating website and what you’re going to find. You can also sign up for free over at AmateurMatch.com or the latest adult sex dating site MilfsHookup.com.


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I’m here today to speak about two different WebCam services that you can find on the Internet one of them is the high-end and a very famous website called Cam With Her that I personally know the chairman and CEO of that website that happens to be the mother website of a network of leading WebCam related sites that there are today on the Internet.


The other webcam babes site that I want to talk about I just linked it as you can see, you can click on it at your convenience if you want to is called WebCamclub.com and happens to be another high-end WebCam service but the girls on this specific website go all the way, they are just as classy as the gorgeous girls over at camwithher.com, only that they will do and fill all your fantasies all the way if you know what I mean.

One here I want to let you all know that I’ve also opened a small blog that I will be updating at least once a week that is regarding the subject of date local women, with lots of suggestions on how to date local women and how to find them and most of all women that are specifically looking for sex. Is just one of those little inside projects that I’m putting up and testing the waters to see how it goes on the Internet and if it goes as I’m expecting it to, that I’ll be dedicating a lot more time to it and I will be going into a lot more specifics with it. So if you’re curious very interested you see like I posted both WebCam site links I posted also my blog in a link form for you to click on it your convenience feel free to comment and let me know what I can do to improve it if there is the need.

Thanks everyone am be back soon and have a great day!


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As a reviewer of dating websites, WebCam websites, an adult oriented websites in general, I get to have from the owners of these websites a free pass in order for me to go in and check it out, usually I get free passes from owners that are very confident about their websites and know that they offer a product that actually works, a product that is commonly said to deliver. One of those with amateurmatch.com. As soon as I knocked on the door, watch glass send them an email I told him who I was and they already knew who I was they didn’t think twice to give me a lifetime free pass, which I really don’t need because I only needed to review the website and therefore I needed only for the most couple of weeks, but at the same time I do thank them for this. What I can come to the conclusion that if you do sign up even with the free pass, fill out well your bio and Job profile in general having some interesting photographs of yourself, that a recent and just make sure that they are of yourself, then I can tell you that you most probably will Get laid tonight.


I was really surprised when I was hit up by Jennifer, she said that she was going through sex personals on the website and came across my profile I noticed that we lived on the same block here in Chicago, to be honest with you I live in the condo that has over 400 apartments, so you can imagine how people live on my city block, so we really don’t know each other we might have met walks past each other, but nothing more than that. Anyhow she asked if I wanted to go on live cam, that is another feature of amateur match by the way, I accepted, and I have to say that she is an exceptionally hot girl, let me correct that lets say she’s an exceptionally hot bitch, yes she is a slut, not a hooker slut but one of those erotic dancers that performs at bachelor parties and will suck a bit here and there for extra tips, well she told me straight out that’s her job, and she really can’t find a permanent boyfriend because as soon as they find out what she does for a living they will just have sex with her and then leave her, and that’s why she turned to amateur match, so she can find a man to have sex with any time she wants to, no strings attached, and no one that is looking for a relationship just sex.

So as you can see when it comes down to find girls in your town no matter if you live in a metropolis like Chicago where I am right now or in the small town in the middle of nowhere and Louisiana Mississippi, you’ll always find some money that is willing to go out on a sex tape, adult dating for everyone, I’m not saying you’ll find hundreds of people in your small town, but if you are willing to travel a few miles I’m sure you’ll meet up with a lot of people, a lot of of diversity, and no matter if you are a man or woman you’ll always find the other sex to have sex with.

Amateur match is like being in an exclusive club where everybody is looking for sex dating, a place where the guys can find hot singles and in other words is just the perfect place to hook up tonight, finding affairs is really never been that easy.


Sex toys online safe and easy and it really costs less.

The fact that sex toys do have a better price when you purchase them online is really nothing new basically everything costs last when you buy it online, but there is the risk that what you see is what you will not get, that however is an issue that you will have on eBay or any other place that allows crooks along with his legitimate sellers do their business. I myself have been a victim on eBay frauds several times, and when you complain eBay will do absolutely nothing to support you and to try and identify the issue and possibly punish seller. The seller crook or not brings them money, you the buyer does not so they could care less.

I don’t even know why I said that, I just got ripped off this week on eBay actually and so I thought it would be appropriate to say that. Where here however to talk about sex toys online and not eBay and their crappy auctions. Like said at the start of this blog post, buying online has its risk but buying online through somebody you do not know and doing the same thing with a company that has been around for years and makes sales in the tens of millions per month should be a guarantee itself. I’m not going to post here how great things are how perfect the sex store is etc., I’m just telling you to go check it out and you’ll see for yourself that it does cost less than the regular sex stores that are there in your town, and at the same time you have your total privacy, no one will ever know what you purchased, the credit card company will not know, the UPS delivery guy will not know only you will! They playthings very safe, they protect your privacy even in sales and not just your personal information.

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Webmasters get your asses in here

Just do it, click the link that I provided right here: datingaffiliate.com. Thats what it’s called and I really don’t have to say what its about now do I? Affiliate dating program, the best that I know of , that can be used on both mainstream or sexy, erotic, adult oriented websites. It has tools that can fit anyones sites, banners, special created links and frames and many different kinds of landing pages.

This is a little newer than the other dating program that I’ve already posted a bout a few months back on another website that I run. However it’s owned by the same company and this company that is out of California, has been in the dating business for over 10 years (12 to be precise). If they’ve been doing this for so long, then they must be good, because you’ll see thousands come and go and very few stay and do business and they’re one of the very few.

So, the deal is: If you have a website that has traffic that comes from search engines and in most it comes from the UK, USA, Canada, Eire, Australia, New Zealand and other EEC countries, then this should work real well for you, you could and in most cases will make good money!