Crazy dating bitch that I met

I needed to find a date, I haven’t had sex for a few weeks, thus because my boss is all over my ass and I need to put in all the overtime that I can to get this huge project that were working on finished in time. I’ll make a lot of cash out of it through bonuses, but by the time that I’m dome in the evening all that I want to do is go home, have a shower and sink a drink, then hit the sack.

My good friend and Co-worker, Brian, asked me if I use any online dating service to find girls, I simply responded that “I wouldn’t know where to start”. Anyway, he gets his iPad out of the draw and logs on to a site called DateMatch.com and he shows me around and all the profiles of the chicks that hes had sex with thanks to the sex dating service.

I had to do it, it looked to good to be true. So, when I got home that evening I signed up, took a look around and in a matter of two hours I sent out three date requests and received another six from chicks that didn’t live that far from me. I decided that same evening to go out with a certain Nadia, she didn’t want to have dinner or go to a bar, pub or club. She wanted sex and told me to meet her at the Holiday Inn, just out of town.

The photograph that you see below was us in action that evening, I took the snap with my cellphone. Once that we had some very incredible sex, I asked her if she’d like to do this again sometime. She told me that she has a family and thats it for me and her. Thats good, I’m looking for sex, not for a relationship. Next chick to go out on a date with is Kim, she also married 34 years old and wants only to have sex. Wish me luck and I’ll be reporting back on the outcome and maybe a video this time around.

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