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As a reviewer of dating websites, WebCam websites, an adult oriented websites in general, I get to have from the owners of these websites a free pass in order for me to go in and check it out, usually I get free passes from owners that are very confident about their websites and know that they offer a product that actually works, a product that is commonly said to deliver. One of those with amateurmatch.com. As soon as I knocked on the door, watch glass send them an email I told him who I was and they already knew who I was they didn’t think twice to give me a lifetime free pass, which I really don’t need because I only needed to review the website and therefore I needed only for the most couple of weeks, but at the same time I do thank them for this. What I can come to the conclusion that if you do sign up even with the free pass, fill out well your bio and Job profile in general having some interesting photographs of yourself, that a recent and just make sure that they are of yourself, then I can tell you that you most probably will Get laid tonight.


I was really surprised when I was hit up by Jennifer, she said that she was going through sex personals on the website and came across my profile I noticed that we lived on the same block here in Chicago, to be honest with you I live in the condo that has over 400 apartments, so you can imagine how people live on my city block, so we really don’t know each other we might have met walks past each other, but nothing more than that. Anyhow she asked if I wanted to go on live cam, that is another feature of amateur match by the way, I accepted, and I have to say that she is an exceptionally hot girl, let me correct that lets say she’s an exceptionally hot bitch, yes she is a slut, not a hooker slut but one of those erotic dancers that performs at bachelor parties and will suck a bit here and there for extra tips, well she told me straight out that’s her job, and she really can’t find a permanent boyfriend because as soon as they find out what she does for a living they will just have sex with her and then leave her, and that’s why she turned to amateur match, so she can find a man to have sex with any time she wants to, no strings attached, and no one that is looking for a relationship just sex.

So as you can see when it comes down to find girls in your town no matter if you live in a metropolis like Chicago where I am right now or in the small town in the middle of nowhere and Louisiana Mississippi, you’ll always find some money that is willing to go out on a sex tape, adult dating for everyone, I’m not saying you’ll find hundreds of people in your small town, but if you are willing to travel a few miles I’m sure you’ll meet up with a lot of people, a lot of of diversity, and no matter if you are a man or woman you’ll always find the other sex to have sex with.

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