Live porn shows and hot pornstars

I have received a few private messages on Skype, regarding why this specific blog is called the way it is. I bought this blog three years ago when it was called this way I really didn’t care why they called it the way they did, all I cared about was that the website had really nice original content, the writers that were here before me were really good and the website was very well followed and had a lot of exposure just like it does today on the major search engines. I think it’s fine to talk about Live Hot Pornstars on a website that’s called Turd Nuggets don’t you LMFAO!

First of all I would like to apologize why I have not been posting on this specific blog for a few months now, I have been engaged in other things that have kept me away sitting down in front of my monitor computer, and to be honest in a hotel room with the laptop on my lap I really wasn’t in vain to post anything on any of the 800 blogs that I contribution towards so I hope that is a perfectly good excuse, if I have to add to that, I can say that I have been around the world if you can call being to Canada, the United States and the Czech Republic going around the world.


The reason I have visited all three of these different locations is simply because there were adult entertainment meetings and shows going on with the public can actually meet with porn stars, but not only the public also us editors and other people that are involved in Live Porn and the adult entertainment in general.

I was very excited cause in all meetings I got to meet so many famous pornstars and as you can imagine most of them were absolutely jaw-dropping, and I got sedan with many like said an interview them and many of these interviews, I do consider of great value and therefore I will be posting them often on many of my blogs. So you to follow me and know where I write always remember to catch up and read what I post because everything that I will be posting is absolutely interesting I guarantee you.